Mennonite World Conference Global Youth Summit 2025


Are you interested in being an MC Canada-appointed representative or delegate to the Global Youth Summit (GYS) 2025 in Germany?

Are you a youth or young adult who is passionate about your faith and Anabaptism, want to share your hopes and aspirations for the Church of today and tomorrow, have a desire to listen and learn and seek to understand, and want to meet and make connections with others in an international context? If so, this opportunity is for you!

Hear from Christen Kong one of our 2020 GYS representatives: Video

GYS is an opportunity for young people from Mennonite World Conference (MWC) churches around the world to come together, join in discussions, build connections, pray together, worship and have fun. The last GYS was held in Indonesia in 2022 before the Mennonite World Conference Assembly (pictured). Instead of waiting until GYS 2028 in Ethiopia, GYS will also happen in Germany from May 30 to June 1, 2025, after the celebration of the Anabaptism at 500 on May 29 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Mennonite Church Canada will choose 5 applicants (one from each Regional Church) to attend the GYS based on the criteria noted below. Of those 5 applicants, one will be appointed, if interested, as our appointed MWC Young Anabaptists (YABs) delegate who will attend delegate-only special sessions on May 25-28, 2025. During this time, YAB delegates from around the world will discuss issues and common trends among churches and discern with other young Anabaptist leaders from all over the world. This is a wonderful opportunity for youth and young adults to share their voices and perspectives regarding the Global Church.

Note: Application deadline is April 15, 2024! Apply using link at bottom.

The successful candidates for Global Youth Summit MC Canada Representative and the YAB Delegate will be:

  • between the ages of 18-30 by the time of the GYS (currently between the ages of 17-29);
  • living in Canada for at least 10 years and intending to stay in Canada for the next three years;
  • involved directly in a Mennonite Church Canada congregation, understand Anabaptist faith, and identify as a Mennonite/Anabaptist;
  • active as a youth/ young adult leader in their local church for over 3 years;
  • prepared to travel internationally and is available May 24- June 2, 2025;
  • willing to raise funds as needed with the support of the Regional Church.

The successful candidates will also have the following skills and attributes:

  • Be passionate about the Anabaptist Church;
  • Possess cultural sensitivity;
  • Have strong interpersonal skills;
  • Understand the commonalities and diversities of the beliefs and practices of the regional church they represent;
  • Adapt and connect easily on a cross-cultural team;
  • Be organized;
  • Communicate well in English, Spanish and/or French;

One of the five applicants will be chosen to be the YAB Delegate, based on their skills and attributes and their responses to the application questions. Please indicate on the application form if you would like to be considered for this role:

The YABs Delegate will be responsible to:

  • Complete a survey assignment of young people in their conference for use at YABs Delegate Session
    • This will require meeting, planning and implementing with 4 other representatives.
  • Attend the YABs Delegate Session (May 24-28) and the GYS (May30-June1) unless otherwise prevented;
  • Represent the young people of their national church to the best of their ability;
  • Communicate takeaways from YABs Delegate Sessions and the GYS back to the young people in their home churches;
  • Maintain good working communication with their continental YABs representative, YABs delegates, and their church conference before, during, and after the GYS;
  • Be their national church’s connection to the new YABs committee after the GYS until the next delegate is chosen from their conference (May 2027);
  • Be aware of being potentially nominated for the next YABs committee, having the ability to commit 2-4 hours a week to YABs work over the next 3 years until the next GYS.

If you are interested in being one of 5 MC Canada representatives to GYS (with one chosen as delegate), please fill in the application form - click on the Apply button below.