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Why Mennonite Church Canada?

Mennonites have been around for almost 500 years. Early leaders rejected the state church’s control over peoples’ lives. Mennonite ideas and insistence on separation between church and state are equally important today, when some governments in the global community attempt to suppress the rights of individuals and non-conformist communities.

Today, you won’t recognize most Mennonites by how they dress. But you will find vibrant Mennonite congregations scattered throughout rural areas, small towns and large cities across Canada, and throughout the world.

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CommonWord is the national bookstore and resource centre of Mennonite Church Canada and Canadian Mennonite University.  We serve the Mennonite and wider ecumenical church, the university community and the general public.  We hold the values of Anabaptism – community-building, peacemaking, and Christian discipleship – and offer personal and congregational resources that inspire such faith.

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Message from our Executive Director

In his first video as executive minister of Mennonite Church Canada, Doug Klassen shares how he sees our nationwide church family living into what God is calling us to be. Klassen highlights how the gifts of the local and regional churches multiply at the nationwide level, by enabling the work of our three ministries: Indigenous-Settler Relations, CommonWord and International Witness. Our body of local congregations, regional churches and Mennonite Church Canada continues to be an agent of God’s healing and change in the world. The video is available for streaming through CommonWord.

Mennonite Church Canada

Mennonite Church Canada is a covenanted partnership among:

MC Eastern Canada MC Manitoba MC Saskatchewan MC Alberta MC British Columbia

The overall mission of the partnership is the vision healing and hope statement:

God calls us to be followers of Jesus Christ and,
by the power of the Holy Spirit to grow
as communities of grace, joy and peace
so that God's healing and hope
flow through us to the world.

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